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Remembering Mid-Century 1950s Fashion & Clothing Styles

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Almost seventy years ago in Czechoslovakia, the world watched the most ridiculous “show” of the communist era, known as the Slansky Trials. One of the allegations made during these trials by antisemetic communist leader was that Jews were foreign, unassimilated and un-cosmopolitan. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, at least if you rely on the attire and charming style of 1950's Israeli diplomats and their families.

Amongst my grandfather’s collection are numerous photos depicting an incredibly glamorous and cosmopolitan community, celebrating life and happy times. Even the staff, like the so-called “spy cleaner” code named “Rosa”, who was possibly the most productive informer, wore elegant work outfits, which were on full display in these photos.

In the pictures you’ll notice collections of beautiful paintings hanging on walls, silverware of all kinds, and handcrafted room furniture.

Although I’m the furthest from a style columnist, these images and footage snapshots depict the 1950s in Prague to be a time when both men and woman looked fashionable and well dressed. Especially for immigrants coming from humble beginnings, working for the State of Israel. Enjoy!

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