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Reitzi (Terresa or Terézia) Weissfisch (born Unreich)

Reitzi was born in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (born 1901 - died 1944) and last lived at Godrova 2 in Bratislava. Unfortunately, Zalman’s oldest sister Reitzi, along with her family were killed during the Holocaust.  She married Lazar Weissfisch (a watchmaker by trade) and had their wedding ceremony at the historic Schiffschule a synagogue of Austria, Vienna’s Hungarian Jews.  They had two known children, Judita 8 years old (born 1936) and Miriam 6 years old (born 1937).  Recently, we discovered during genealogy research through JewishGen, Reitzi & Lazar had possibly another daughter, named Felie (born 1938), but it’s unclear the outcome of her fate.  The parents and the two oldest children were deported to Auschwitz in 1944, per Yad Vashem records, in one of the last transports and murdered by the German Nazis, approximately in May of 1944.  Read more about the Weissfisch family here.

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